Investment Bond Shop

The Investment Bond Shop lets you compare the investment bond market and shows you onshore and offshore investment bonds from the leading providers.

Our preferential terms apply whether you purchase an investment bond with or without advice from us. These are:

  • No initial Adviser Charge.
  • 0.25% per annum ongoing adviser charge.

 The “Research and Buy” module allows you to review product options, such as charges, available funds and web functionality:

Research & Buy Investment Bonds

Research & Buy investment bonds

You can obtain free quotes which will show you the charges and allow you to compare investment bonds:

Investment Bond Quotes

Investment Bond Quotes

Should you decide to apply for an investment bond, the “Help Me Buy” module guides you through the buying process and shows you how to complete the application:

Investment Bonds - "Help Me Buy"

Investment Bonds – “Help Me Buy”

We have developed an Attitudinal Questionnaire which helps you establish your risk tolerance and shows you the results after you complete a survey:

Attitude to risk questionnaire

Attitude to risk questionnaire